Open house on Monroe Twp comprehensive plan

WKOK NewsRadio 1070, Sunbury | September 17, 2015 By: Ali Stevens

SELINSGROVE — Residents of Monroe Township attended an open house to voice their opinions on the update to the township’s comprehensive plan.  This plan includes major changes, such as the Sunbury Pipeline project and the Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway.

Last week, Shawn McLaughlin, Union County Planning Director, a consultant on the project, was a guest on WKOK Sunrise. He says there are a lot of changes coming, “Currently in the future in the bypass, obviously going full steam ahead now there’s a gas pipe line, power plants being converted to natural gas and redevelopment around that, there’s a lot of demographic changes in the township, people are growing older, population growth has slowed recently. So the meeting’s really to have an open conversation.”

At the meeting, one resident seemed quite happy about the upcoming pipeline, commenting on the number of local jobs that will become available.  Regarding the thruway, a resident of Selinsgrove seemed concerned about local businesses, questioning whether they would still be able to stay open with decreased traffic.

When asked about where residents wanted to see their money go, almost all agreed that they would like to invest more in preserving open spaces and farmland.  Other residents also brought up the changes they would like to see in road maintenance and code enforcement.

McLaughlin says the plan will help set priorities for the future and where the Township should allocate scarce resources, “That’s what they did with our last plan. They established a set of recommendations that they wanted to achieve and they did accomplish quite a few things.” (Michelle Hawley/Matt Catrillo)